About Us

    What is ‘Friends of Finchampstead Ridges’?

    Several years ago, the National Trust wished to formalise the relationship with its many groups of Volunteers around the UK: this included large houses, gardens, coastlines and properties down to smaller sites such as us in Finchampstead Ridges. 

    To make this happen, the National Trust introduced a range of relationship levels and a Constitution for each level. Our level and name are ‘Friends of’. We are an Unincorporated Association named Friends of Finchampstead Ridges.

    We have a Constitution that sets out:
    • What we are set up to do and how we relate to the National Trust
    • Responsibilities and engagement with volunteers
    • Projects, fund raising and general running of our affairs
    • Committee members

    What is it set up to do?

    We work only within the National Trust and with the Rangers as per their schedules and plans. We do not have authority over our sites however there is a strong and positive working relationship with the Rangers in all aspects for our sites and we follow the National Trust's objectives to protect and improve the environment. 

    We are dependent on the National Trust's budget allocation supported with local grants, sponsorship and private donations. We are not revenue generating with entrance charges or sales of goods so all support in your time and donations is really helpful to us.

    How we are organising ourselves?

    We have our regular volunteer days on the second and third Wednesday of each month lead by the National Trust Ranger team. Also we have our extra days of smaller groups to continue/finish jobs. We work with the National Trust Rangers on conservation and environmental improvement projects.

    We clear areas for heather re-growth, plant hedgerows, protect the several ponds with edging and removal of intrusive vegetation, create open woodlands with sightlines and habitats for small animals and insects. Also, we use our DIY skills to design and build boardwalks, waymark paths and log guides.

    The work is physical but we work at our own pace. Some do a whole day and some do a few hours, just do what you wish. The group is about 20 strong, it is fun and we can really see the positive changes.

    We normally meet at Simon’s Wood car park or at the Ridges 'Trig Point' at 10:00 a.m. The National Trust provide the tools and tea and biscuits. Suitable outdoor clothes and footwear are must have items.