Planned National Trust Volunteering Dates for 2020 10am-3pm

    (Please be aware tasks may change subject to circumstances)

    8th Jan - Independent Day – Iron Stone Pond Holly thinning. All tools and refreshments must be provided. Please use the existing area and fire site from December 18th session. Please cordon fire once turned in.
    Meet at Ridges Layby for 10am

    15th Jan -  2 Groups 1) Ambarrow Path Works: Shifting Type 1 aggregate into the new path frame at Ambarrow Hill.Stump Treatment weather permitting. Litter pick of Simons Wood/Finchampstead Ridges x 3-4 people. Corporate group attending. Map:  2) Installation of Centenary Trail Way-markers in Simon's Wood. Team of 4. Meet at Ambarrow Hill Car Park at 10am.

    22nd Jan 4/5 Groups 1) Shifting another 10 ton of aggregate to finish path job. 2) Litter Picking x 3-5 people x 1 hour 3) Holly clearance – dependant on numbers on day. 4) Stump treatment at Simon's Wood (TBC – dependant on vehicle availability/weather/numbers) 5) Other jobs TBC. Meet at Ambarrow Hill Car Park at 10am

    12th Feb - Jamie/Beth attending. Clearance of “Half Way Hedge” in preparation for planting. Brooks Heath birch clearance – focusing on collecting hedging material. Litter picking x 3-4 people x Simon's Wood – if time permits. Meet at Simon's Wood Car Park at 10am

    9th Feb - Brooks Heath birch clearance – focusing on collecting hedging materialLitter picking x 3-4 people x Simon's Wood – if time permits. Meet at Simon's Wood Car Park at 10am

    Wed 26th Feb - Independent Day - Please contact David Kimber to confirm if attending. Please bring own tools and refreshments. Meet at Ridges layby at 09.30am

    Wed 11th Mar - Selective Holly clearance at Finchampstead Ridges. Holly stumps – clearance with mattocks if appropriate and stump painting. Litter Pick at Finchampstead Ridges including full layby stretch/trig point x 3-4 people x 1 hour. Corporate group attending.
    Opening Ceremony for the Ridges Ramble. We will be joined by some members of the local council who will be cutting the ribbon for the newly installed Ridges Ramble Waymarked trail from 10am onwards. 
    Please park in Simon's Wood car park and walk up to the Ridges.

    Wed 18th Mar - Rhododendron stump treatment at Simon's Wood (1-2 Rangers + 1-2 volunteers) Litter pick x FR Verge/SW Car Park & Main Paths if required (2-3 people x 1 hour max). Meet at Simon's Wood Car Park for 10am

    Future volunteering days suspended until further notice due to Covid 19 restrictions.

    8th Apr - tbc

    15th Apr - tbc

    13th May - tbc

    20th May - tbc

    10th Jun - tbc

    17th Jun - tbc

    8th Jul  -  tbc

    15th Jul  -  tbc 

    12th Aug - tbc

    19th Aug - tbc

    9th Sept - tbc

    16th Sept - tbc

    14th Oct - tbc

    21st Oct - tbc

    11th Nov - tbc 

    18th Nov - tbc

    9th Dec - tbc

    16th Dec - tbc