We are an Unincorporated Association which means that we are able to receive donations though we are dependent on National Trust for funding the majority of maintenance work. We can and do attract external funding from various sources such as Finchampstead Parish Council, National Trust supporter groups, local societies, private donations from individuals and small events run by the Volunteers to support specific projects.

    We have a Community Bank Account with NatWest to manage all of our own income and expenses. We meet Quarterly as a Committee and report our Financial position.

    Donations: Donations to the Friends of Finchampstead Ridges Volunteer Group are welcome and will be used in accordance with our financial management processes in receipt, expenditure, reserves and controls. Every penny is welcome towards supporting our work.

    Donations are to be used for:

    • Project Work on all three sites

    • Each donor can choose a preference Project
    • Funding a Project or contribute towards the total cost

    Projects: Projects are designed for the benefit of all visitors to the sites, will be visible and of value. These are set out as a Project Proposal with purpose, aims, costs and timetables, all potential donors are invited to contact us to consider options.

    Bequests: Separately, we recognise that some people may wish to leave a Legacy to the area of which they would have had fond memories. Please contact us for a meeting with our Chairman to consider appropriate options and guidance. 

    The Ridges and Simon’s Wood have been donated to the National Trust and we have received further donations that have helped keep the locations in good order.

    Recent projects made possible from donations and bequests have been new boardwalks and waymarkers for the Ridges and Simon's Wood.