Our Aims

    • Supporting the National Trust in improving the landscape in Finchampstead Ridges, Simon's Wood and Ambarrow Hill.
    • Liaise with environmental organisations who can assist us with funding specific projects on all three sites.
    • Protect and improve the ecology and environment.
    • Improve the learning with visual and access experience to all areas of the three sites.
    • Ensure areas are interesting and diverse with ponds, escarpment, heathland and woodlands. 
    • Safeguard woodlands with Sweet Chestnut, Oak, Silver Birch and Scots Pine.
    • Manage the under canopy of Holly, Hawthorns, Buckthorn and Rowan, shrubs of Heather and Gorse and floor growth of Lichen, Grasses and Mosses. 
    • Maintain the sites which have many small streams creating wetland areas.

    Visitors may have noticed the major clearance of invasive Ponticum Hybrid Rhododendron, this is being done thoughtfully so as to permit gradual change back to the original landscapes and encourage the return of shrubs, small mammals and birds.

    The Volunteers work with the National Trust Rangers on a wide range of programmes in habitat management, clearing, planting, building and maintaining boardwalks, creating trails, working to protect the ponds from erosion and maintaining the infrastructure.